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I. Brief Introduction of Business Department

The scientific breeding Department of Baodi Group takes breeding pig as the core, optimizes breeding pig population, forms fine feeding management system through continuous management innovation, and establishes a scientific disinfection and epidemic prevention system to provide high immunity, high disease resistance and dual breeding pigs with complete pedigree for the industry.

In collaboration with the Life Sciences Laboratory of China Agricultural University, Baodi has cloned the scientific research work of pigs, and successively cloned the world's first Gottingen medical miniature pig, lysozyme transgenic cloned pig, knocking out some double muscle suppressor genes, and so on, which provided a solid foundation for the research and breeding of new swine breeding technology in China. Basics.




II. Breeding Pig Products

(1) Baodi Dabai:

It has the characteristics of high fecundity, good breastfeeding, fast growth, high lean meat rate, good meat quality, strong limbs and feet, and anti-stress.

Production performance:

Woping live offspring: 12.4

100 kg body weight: 146 days

Average back fat thickness: 12.2 mm

Carcass lean meat rate: 66.5%

Feed to meat ratio: 2.4:1

(2) Baodi Changbai:

It has the characteristics of fast growth, high feed reward and good reproductive performance. It has the characteristics of long body, developed body, beautiful appearance, good maternity and strong lactation.

Production performance:

Woping live offspring: 12.8

100 kg body weight: 151 days

Average back fat thickness: 11.5mm

Carcass lean meat rate: 65.2%

Feed to meat ratio: 2.39:1

(3) Bodie Duroc:

It has excellent paternity, developed body length, legs, buttocks and front shoulders, wide back and waist, strong and strong limbs, and strong anti-stress characteristics.

Production performance:

Woping live offspring: 10.2

100 kg body weight: 146 days

Average back fat thickness: 12.1 mm

Lean meat percentage of carcass: 69.2%

Feed to meat ratio: 2.51:1

(4) Big and Big Binary sows of Baodi:

In line with the current situation of China's breeding, it is easy to raise; comprehensive Baodi Changbai, Baodi Dabai's excellent performance, more litter, better maternity. The three yuan commercial pig crossbred with Baodi Duroc has extraordinary growth potential and excellent ketone properties.

Production performance:

Woping live offspring: 12.6

100 kg body weight: 149 days

Average back fat thickness: 11.7 mm

Carcass lean meat rate: 68.9%

Feed to meat ratio: 2.41:1

3. Advantages of Baodi Pig Breeding

The high quality of Baodi breeder pigs originates from Baodi's internal control.

(1) Breeding of disease-resistant genes, growth rate, litter size, lean meat percentage, maternity, foot and limb of pigs by Baodi Breeding Center;

(2) Baodi Feed Management Center formulates reasonable nutritional packages according to different breeds and strains of pigs in different seasons and physiological characteristics in different stages;

(3) Baodi Biosafety Center carries out on-site + laboratory evaluation of pig herds, formulates reasonable immunization and health care procedures, and ensures the health of pig herds;

(4) Baodi Production Management Center supervises, evaluates and improves the production situation of each farm to ensure the optimal use of existing pig farm hardware facilities;

Baodi builds an environmental protection center and designs piggery rationally according to the characteristics and potential of Baodi pig, so as to ensure that the hardware facilities provided by the pig farm can fully play the potential of Baodi pig.

Secondly, it comes from Baodi's external services:

Baodi's huge investment in publicity through various print media, exhibitions and other means has formed a high degree of recognition in the industry;

Baodi Marketing Center to create a comprehensive, three-dimensional marketing network, to bring you high-quality breeding pigs, piglets at the same time will help you get more industry resources;

Third, the Baodi technical service center is committed to continuously improving the operation and management level of the pig farms in the industry, creating "pig family" service with customers, helping customers solve problems and solve problems.

IV. Layout of Piggery

V. Honour of Baodi Aquaculture Department

1. Vice-President Unit of China Animal Husbandry Association

2. Vice-President Unit of Pig Branch of China Animal Husbandry Association

3. Technological Innovation Center of China's Leading Enterprises

4. China Changbai Breeding Base

5. Deputy Director Unit of Tianjin Pig Industry Association

6. The First Safe Brands of Animal Husbandry in China

7. Famous Chinese Trademarks

8. Top 100 Pig Raising Enterprises in China

9. Top 100 Animal Husbandry Enterprises in China

10. Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization

11. National Core Breeding Base

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